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DIY Wedding Stationary for Any Budget

Save the dates, invitations, thank you cards…oh my!

So you booked the venue and hired your photographer, now it’s time to make sure your guests mark their calendars!  Traditionally, save the dates are sent about 6 months in advance, but if you’ve got the date locked in, why not give your guests as much notice as possible? Our rule of thumb- it’s never to early for a save the date! On the flipside, if you’ve opted for a nice, quick engagement- you can skip this step! Just be sure to get the invites out a tad earlier than normal (6 weeks).

Ok, so now that we know the first piece of the stationary puzzle is the save the date, let’s talk about ways to get creative for any budget.  Keep in mind, this is the FIRST thing your guests will see related to your wedding. We like to think this sets the tone for the theme, formality and of course, the invites to come closer to the big day. This can get a tad overwhelming and (like everything else) creep up on the budget.

5 Amazing Budget Wedding Stationary Ideas

Basic Doesn’t Mean Boring

Choosing a simple, clean design will be a lifesaver for your wallet and gives you lots more options of how you can actually make these pieces.  Now, this doesn’t mean that they need to be basic or boring, let’s be real, you are neither of those things, but establishing your “look” early on will help in the long run, trust us!  A fun way to add a cohesive design element is by simply creating a logo. Something you can go back to throughout the process to essentially “brand” your wedding.  This doesn’t have to be a crazy, intricate design, but maybe a graphic out of your initials or a play on your hashtag or even a fun image or symbol of the city where you’re tying the knot!  Slap this logo on a few pieces, and boom! you’ve got a stationery suite of personalized goodies without breaking the bank. Black and white is always less expensive! If you ask us, there is nothing more timeless than good ol’ b+ w!  Keeping your color scheme simple gives you more flexibility when printing and also keeps cost down.  Think white or ivory paper with a sharp, black text. It’s classic, will never go out of style and you won’t ask yourself what you were thinking when you show your grandkids in 30 years!  Another bonus with black and white- it works for a backyard wedding or a black tie affair.

Buy Supplies in Bulk to Save

Check out a wholesale paper store for interesting cardstock and even envelopes!  This gives you the opportunity to buy reams of card stock instead of 10-20 sheets per package which can add up quickly.  Most paper houses have a large variety of paper finishes, colors and weights so you can actually feel the paper before you commit to printing. Purchasing your supplies is best if you’re using a local printer or Kinkos. You’ll need enough paper/card stock for your save the dates, invitations (invite, RSVP card, any additional inserts, thank you cards, programs, menus and place cards) and envelopes (save the date, invite and RSVP). If you want to dress up the invitation card, grab two different colors of paper and create a backing by simply cutting the second sheet larger and using glue dots! Want even a little more? Pick up a pretty ribbon and tie all your cards together then pop them in the envelope. This adds a decorative element and keeps everything organized when your guest is opening the invitation.

Save Time on the Return Addressing

Ordering a return address stamp or labels will save you a headache with your at home printer- or the print house for that matter.  If you’re going for a more casual vibe, a fun rubber stamp can add another dimension to your invites. The imperfection gives is some style and you can use the stamp on everything from save the dates, to invites, to RSVP cards. If you prefer a more polished look, ordering return address labels save time and blend nicely into the envelopes.  Return address labels are also a fun place to add personalization like a logo or your initials for a custom element before your guests even open their invite! These little touches bring that consistency and cohesiveness to your stationary suite and wedding design. Believe us, people notice!

Find Someone Local For Printing With Peace of Mind

Find a local printer or a nearby Kinkos if you’re weary of online ordering. This not only gives you the opportunity to see drafts in person, but your printer may also have a great resources for paper, envelopes and other supplies. Supporting local business is always a plus and they might even give you a great deal if you order all of your paper items together.  If you go this route, we suggest meeting with the printer early in the design phase.  They may be able to weigh in and give you some helpful tips on ways to save or templates for designing bleeds or other technical pieces you may run into.  Using a program like illustrator or photoshop will allow your printer to open the documents not their computer and they can give you a heads up on any tweaks that need to be made before printing on all of the paper you just picked out.

Order It Online to Save Time and Money

VistaPrint or Overnight Prints are awesome online sources for printing.  If you’re sticking with a simple design- think single flat thank you card or a black and white invitation with a picture on one side (see photos above) you can’t go wrong here. The customer service is awesome and you get A LOT of bang for your buck.  These sites are also great if you want to mix and match elements instead of going for a traditional stationary suite. This route also cuts out purchasing your own paper and maybe even envelopes.  This can be a savings but also, can guarantee that everything will be cut to the size you specify. Envelopes and envelope printing is usually an option online, so you can choose to add this on or buy your own envelopes if you choose to do hand addressed invites.

Happy Printing!


Carley, RTE

Looking for more savvy tips, tricks and ideas to stay within budget? Download our freebie for the 5 steps to planning an event here! Think stationary is enough DIY for you? Let’s chat about how we can help plan your dream wedding, while having fun and sticking to your budget.

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