Hi! We're Carley and Lindsay.
Best Friends and Co-Founders of Round Town Events.

We get it. Planning an event when you’re juggling your job, social calendar and maybe even a little time for yourself, feels nearly impossible. We’re here to be your best friends every step of the way. Whether it’s your wedding, corporate event, or holiday party, it’s supposed to be fun. So let us take some of those nitty gritty details, pesky checklists, and contracts that make you go cross-eyed off your hands.  We’ll make sure everything stays right on track, so you can stay focused on the FUN stuff. From picking your flowers, to making sure you have breath mints on hand and yes, even reminding your fiancé to get his tux on time… we’ve got your back.

We’ve been best friends since we were 6 years old, so we can practically read each others minds, which comes in handy when it’s go time.  Guests are moving, cocktail hour is starting and family portraits need to be taken. We work to make sure that every moment of the guest experience is memorable. We perfect the parts of your event that you might not even realize you’re missing.

Planning another kick-ass event, like a party for work, a 30th birthday or need all the tools to create an epic bash out of town? Read more here.

Let's Get Personal


Must have coffee
Pilates junkie
Life is a party, dress like it
Everything has its place
All gold everything
Photoshop savvy
Martinis are meant to be dirty
Makeup maven
It’s all in the details
Call me Chef Carley
Proud Trojan, Fight on



Lover of cheese
Proud fur mom
Left brain thinker
No such thing as too much glitter
Floral fanatic
Hostess with the mostest
The end of baguettes are my favorite
Paints like Picasso
Dreams of owning a mini horse
Shop till you drop
Rosé all day